Excellent Advice On Dealing With High Conflict People

Trump Accidentally Admits His Campaign Met With Russian Spy And Putin Is Now Blackmailing Him With It

In an attempt to explain his campaign’s coordination with a Russian spy, Donald Trump recently admitted that Putin was upset with his policies and was using this woman against him to try and cause instability in the US.

Bullet Proof Web Hosting And Cyber Crime Short Film: The Most Dangerous Town On The Internet

Animated Interview: Studs Terkel and Hunter S. Thompson: Blank On Blank

Awesome Interview With Ralph Nader And The Intercept’s Jeremy Scahill

Having fair and balanced news means a raw and critical take on both sides of the isle. Few news sources do this as honestly as The Intercept. Case in point, this awesome interview with Ralph Nader…


Skateboard Nostalgia From SkateHoarders: SantaCruz Factory

I grew up skateboarding in the 80s and 90s, and seeing the graphics and original decks in this old factory brings back powerful feelings of nostalgia.