Is Fox News Quietly Going Liberal?

Admit it, you’ve noticed too…

From Shep Smith to Chris Wallace, a steady stream of what used to be considered honest reporting but now is often referred to as the liberal media bias can be heard coming from the mouths of prominant fox news broadcasters. For example, check out, Ed Henry’s recent interview with Scott Pruitt. At first it seems like its gonna be another fox news puff piece but then the whole thing turns, and turns decidely for the worse of Scott Pruitt who is completely shocked and offended by Henry’s lack of softball questions

And here’s Chris Wallace’s interview with Parkland shooting victims Delaney Tarr and Cameron Kasky. Wallace seems perfectly comfortable allowing the teens to use his show for their gun control platform

Don’t get me wrong, fox news is still stuffed with tin foil hat wearing Trump sycophants. But it seems like the tide may be changing

What Do You think?

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