Read The Full Steele Trump Dossier Here

With all the effort  from the Trump administration to suppress the research compiled by intelligence officer Christopher Steele, Read Now 2 Activate remains dedicated to making sure that the Steele Dossier is searchable to all. Unfortunately due to a defamation lawsuit from Trump’s lawyer, Buzzfeed removed their original post of the Trump Dossier.  To this end, below we have included a link to Documentcloud’s pdf of the Steele Dossier. We have also posted the Steele Dossier directly from Read Now 2 Activate, just in case. Update* We have now included Fusion GPS Co Founder’s testimony before congress on the accuracy of the Trump / Steele Dossier.

Read Full Trump Dossier Here

Trump-Intelligence-Allegations (1)

Fusion-GPS-Founder Glenn Simpson’s Testimony Before Congress on Steele Dossier

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