Captain America Civil War Review: Better Than Most Super Hero Movies I Guess

civil war review
For a comic book movie, this was not bad…
However most of the time you will find yourself not really caring about the characters and what happens to them either way. Although the film tries really really hard to make the narrative and characters more complex, especially in the case of Captain America and his relationship with the Winter Soldier, and even though every once and awhile there is a spark of brilliance, I found that most of the characters did not pass my ‘would I care if they died’ test….No I wouldn’t. Unforgivable were the poorly written female characters that come off as filler roles…The Black Panther makes his movie debut and shines as thoroughly cool. Ant Man and the entrance of the new Spider Man also bring much needed uplift and comic relief. Captain America: Civil War succeeds in the moments where it is greater than the some of its parts, and when it causes us to think deeper about the role of government, or the US’s place in the world. Like the Captain America comic book I read as a kid, the fights are really good too, and like the comic, you can’t wait for the next movie, no matter how over-rated.

What Do You think?

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