How To Install Texture Packs and Resource Packs In Minecraft for Newbs

droids mod

When I was trying to figure this out recently, I had waaaay more difficulty installing these suckers (Texture Packs) than should be necessary.

A Quick & Easy Guide to Installing Resource & Texture Packs in Minecraft is directly below.

Step 1. Question: What version of Minecraft do you have? Is it an older one like 1.6? Or is it the current / newest version? Here in lies the problem. I had mistakenly downloaded the newest version of minecraft at the time 1.8.8, and this mattered because almost all of the texture packs had been developed to work with the older versions of minecraft, 1.6.0. what version you have installed does matter a great deal so it is something to keep in mind.

Step 2. No matter what version of Minecraft you have, download and open / install all of the appropriate installers and Mods including tools like:

Forge Installer ; Optifine Mod ; Shaders Mod ; BetterFoliage Mod ; Shaderpack 

Downloading and running these installers and graphic programs (Mods) will make any technical hiccups less likely later on, and help you rule out compatibility issues in the unlikely event that there are problems.

Step 3. Find Some Cool Resource Packs. You can find Minecraft Resource Packs and Texture Packs all over the web. Get started with these Sites: Minecraft Texturepacks Dot Com ; Curse Dot Com ; Planet Minecraft ; Minecraft Six and Resourcepacks Dot Net (For your first download check out the very cool texture pack Massivecraft)

Step 4. Download and SAVE your fist Texture Pack or Resource Pack to your Desktop (or some other easily retrievable location) This will make the simple step of dropping / pasting the zip file into your Resourcepack folder easier later on.

Step 5. Open up Minecraft –> Click Options –> Click Resource packs

resourcepack folder

Step 6.Open the Resource Packs Folder:

resourcepack naked folderFind where you downloaded the zip file and copy / drag the entire unzipped file from it’s location.  Next, Paste the whole zip file into the Resourcepack folder.

Step 7. Close the folder and click Done

When you return to the Resource Packs Options page you will now see your texture pack in the Available Texture Resource packs que.

Step 8. Press the arrow to choose the texture pack you want to install and you are done.

My Personal Experience with Learning How To Install Texture Packs and Resource

So my 9 year old daughter had been bugging me for weeks to help her install texture packs / resource packs in Minecraft which she plays on the PC.

The problem was that I had really never played, experienced, had any idea about how to do anything within the world of Minecraft.

I consider myself fairly technically inclined when it comes to computer software, but for some reason every time I sat down to install Texture Packs or Resource Packs within my daughter’s Minecraft platform I would run up against frustrating dead ends, and could not figure it out.

When I eventually did figure out how to load resource and texture packs, that is as soon as it worked the first time and we opened up the Star Wars Texture Pack, my daughter whom watched my many failed attempts, made a sound like a bomb slowly going off and gestured with her hands exploding out from her head. She was done.


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