How To Jailbreak Your IPhone If All You Have Is A Chromebook

iphonevschromebookIf you have no internet connection at home, your only computer is a Chromebook, yet you really need to jailbreak your IPhone so that you can activate your IPhone’s Personal Hotspot function, this step by step guide is for you.

Recently I moved to a new apartment and found myself, for the first time in over a year, without internet / Wi-Fi access at home. Not having an internet connection is a problem for me because I use a Chromebook, which, every Chromebook users knows, instantly turns into a paperweight the moment you are offline. The easy thing to do would be call up and pay for internet access. But, for a number of reasons, I am not ready to jump into a contract with either of my local internet oligarchs.

However, I do have an IPhone with an unlimited data plan. My IPhone is able to get on the internet just fine. So, like any self respecting technologist, here is what I did.

Player1’s IPhone / Chromebook Workaround

What You Will Need

An IPhone 4 or higher (Because this workaround involves upgrading your IPhone to IOS 7, whatever IOS version you are currently running on your IPhone does not matter too much, but for a reference point I was running IOS 6.1.3.

2. IPhone USB chord.

3. ITunes (if you are using Windows or Linux)

3. Evasion7

4. Access to a Windows or Mac machine 

5. An Internet Connection.

6. A debit or credit card with $4.99 worth of funds.

IPhone / Chromebook Jailbreak Workaround: Step By Step

Step 1. Gain Access to a Windows or Mac Machine.

This step is what I like most about this hack. It forces you to get outside of your comfort zone and it instantly makes what is technically impossible (jailbreaking your IPhone with your Chromebook) suddenly easy.

Use it as an excuse to visit a friend or relative — parents and siblings are good first choices. I used my baby’s-mom’s computer because she is awesome, and because she has a Windows machine.

What if I don’t know anyone with Windows or Mac machines with access to the internet? If that is truly the case, you are out of luck for this particular workaround. But chances are, If you know any other people at all, those people have a Windows or Mac machine with internet access.

Or… try your workplace, the library, a hacker meetup in your neck of the woods (find hacker spaces near you) (or tech / computer Meetups here)

Remember, simple is better.

Step 2. Jack-In to the System. Connect your IPhone to the PC or Mac with your IPhone’s USB chord.

Step 3. ITunes. If the computer you are working from has ITunes installed, ITunes will open automatically in most cases. If not, open ITunes. If ITunes is not installed… You need to install it. It takes less than a minute, I know because I had to install ITunes on the computer I was using. If you are using someone else’s computer don’t worry, afterwards you can always uninstall ITunes if you have to.

Step 4. Backup your phone using ITunes, or by going into Settings on your IPhone and using the ICloud backup.

Step 5. This is Key, Upgrade your IPhone to IOS 7. Like the backup, you may use either ITunes or your phone’s update manager. (IOS7 is also awesome BTW)

Step 6. Download Evasion7 for Windows or Mac Here. Once Evasion7 has downloaded, extract the files to your desktop or C drive. And remember to avoid opening Evasion7 from your downloads fie (per developer’s Read Me)

Step 7. Make sure your IPhone password is off, and that it is connected to your computer through USB, and run Evasion 7. (Also, right click on the exe file before you install it and make sure you are running as an administrator and have selected your proper version of Windows etc.)

Step 8. Once Evasion is done. Open the Cydia app that is now installed on your Jailbroken IPhone.

Step 9. In Cydia, use the small search icon on the bottom of the screen and type TetherMe. Buy the TetherMe app for $4.99, with your credit card and install.

Step 10. Go to Settings on your IPhone and set up your new Personal Hotspot (make sure to switch “keep broadcasting” on.

I would also like to note that over a period of three weeks, I tried every other possible technical solution to solve this problem before I decided to do it this way. Every one. I even installed Linux on my Chromebook in a dual-partition. Trust me, this way is by far the easiest solution if you find yourself with a Chromebook, and an IPhone that you want to jailbreak.

Now go jailbreak your IPhone and begin enjoying IOS7, Cydia, and the fact that you never have to pay for the internet again if you don’t want to.

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