Movie Review: The 5th Estate (Julian Assange Movie)

I got a chance to screen The 5th Estate recently. Here is my review
Because of the title, I had no idea The 5th Estate is actually a movie about WikiLeaks and its hacker founder Julian Assange who is marvelously played by Benedict Cumberbach. Emille Hirsch plays WikiLeaks co-founder “Danny” in another stand out supporting role. Hirsch was also excellent in Lone Survivor, another of the year’s oscar snubs.
I liked The 5th Estate. It made me appreciate a lot about the fact that the people who change the world can be flawed. And it made me question my own tendency to pre-judge Julian Assange. Sure he’s got some personality issues. But who doesn’t?
The movie alludes to Assange’s troubled childhood, but leaves out the details of his mothers involvement with an Australian cult known as The Family (Wikipedia). The movie also leaves out the sex charges against Assange. Nor does it go into his current political asylum.
But what it does do is maintain my curiosity.
After the movie I took to Wikipedia to discover more about Assange and Wkileaks and decided for better or worse I appreciate Julian Assange. He is a true hacker, and his work paved the way for American patriot’s like Edward Snowden to come forward and inform the public of Gov. spying. So yeah go see this movie, and try not to judge Julian Assange too harshly, he’s got issues.

What Do You think?

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