My Favorite Life Lessons from 2013

My Favorite Life Lessons from 2013.

These are some of the things I’ve learned or re-learned in 2013

1. Some of my greatest accomplishments this year were simply those moments when I managed to keep my mouth shut (thoughts to my self) at the right time.

2. Some of my worst mistakes in 2013 came from the times I spoke when I should have kept my mouth shut.

3. Stop laughing at your own jokes. You can laugh at your own jokes, or you can let other people laugh at your jokes. But the way comedy works, you can’t have both.

4. You really can’t cut your own hair, seriously, its worth the 10 bucks to go to the barber around the corner.

5. Women are more turned on by self-confidence than good looks. Although both in the same package is the preference.

6. Women like a guy to be clean-cut, have his act together, be about something, to be honest and open and assertive when its appropriate.

7. Seeing myself through my daughter’s eyes helps me to feel like the greatest man in the world that they believe me to be.

8. Thinking of 20 things that are great about your life right now, is an instant antidote to depression. And these things can be easily discovered about ourselves simply by considering the lives of those less fortunate.

9. Taking drugs to treat ADD isn’t really something that works for me anymore. They change my personality, steal my laughter, and everyday the crash feels like the end of the world. Laughing and being myself far out weighs any of their benefits.

10. Stop talking about your accomplishments to impress people. Do impressive things well follow them through to the end and let my work speak for it’s self.

11. My natural douchebagginess can be overcome by A. Keeping my mouth shut at the appropriate times. B.Being completely honest (instead of putting a gloss on things or exaggerating even in little ways). C. Letting accomplishments speak for themselves. D. And most of all just being myself and not attempting to impress.

12. Life is like a video game; sometimes it takes a hundred failed attempts before you conquer a level. If you give up after only a few tries, you won’t advance, win, get any better.

13. In relationships, there is a balance between being open and sensitive and being stoic and “strong.” Always try to keep a balance when it comes to how much you share.

14. Women very rarely, if ever, want to hear about your insecurities. Save that stuff for you guy friends, that is what they are there for.

15. Take a page from Mary Poppins, who said “I never explain anything.” And who never answered questions. Stop feeling the need to explain yourself to people, and answering every silly question people ask you. Be more selective in your approach to the inquisitive and their motives. Simply remain quiet to questions that make you feel uncomfortable. You don’t owe anyone an explanation.

16. Don’t let your life go when you get depressed. Having your affairs squared-away carries with it powerful feelings of self-worth that are the greatest antidote to depression.

17. Most of the problems that nag at our conscience for years can be cleared up in about a week. This goes for health concerns, problems with bills and bad-credit, or things we feel guilty about but never addressed. It just takes setting aside time to devote your attention to those issues and a little courage.

18. Its bad manners to sing around people outside of a genuine performance or musical rehearsal. I wish this wasn’t the case, but it is.

19. Cleaning is a good way to improve your life instantly. It burns calories, helps you sleep better, and overall makes you a better human being that other people appreciate more.

20. Cleaning as a form of maintenance should be done everyday. And in a comprehensive way once a week. Make it a time of Zen, like doing yoga.

21. Pay attention to the sinister ways insecurities and feelings of worthlessness subconsciously sabotage my actions, e.g. not dressing to impress the time I had to give my presentation to the Mayor during the Mayor’s challenge — why did I do that?)

22. Continue to be courageous; go out on a limb; write like there is no tomorrow; be passionate, be kind to people; be a hard worker; love my loved-ones and pay attention to the details.

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  1. dpinchom · January 4, 2014

    Great post


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