Tips For Fun, Productive Holiday Political Debates

Mobilize political discussions this holiday season!
I love political discussions with my impassioned friends and relatives, especially at holiday gatherings.
Over the years I’ve come up with a few guidelines I use to keep these discussions fun and productive instead of angry and violent.
Tip 1. Don’t make things personal. Separate the person from their political perspective.
2. Don’t call names (see tip 1) or use negative or hurtful political slurs to describe the person / people who don’t agree with you.
3. Focus on areas of agreement rather than problems or political differences. What do you appreciate about your grandmothers take on Obamacare for example.
4. Recognize that there is very little practical difference between democrats and republicans.
5. Focus on evidence based positions and statistical research. Demand credible proof to be emailed or researched.
6. End on what you agree on with others and what specific actions can be taken to change policies we all agree on. Like payroll tax breaks for the working class!

If you are willing to read between the lines a bit, this recent NPR story offers some pointed insights on directing your new coalition of family and friends.

What Do You think?

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