The Easiest Possible Way to Passively Cool Your House

The Following Is A Simple Guide To Passively Cooling A House.

What is passive cooling?

Passive cooling is a way to design the interior and exterior of a building, in order to integrate principles of physics for the purpose of:

1.Slowing down the transfer of heat into a building.
2.Removing unwanted heat from a building.

Passive cooling works best in mild climates with cool dry nights, and is less effective in hot, humid climates or on uncomfortably hot, humid nights.

Passively Cool Your House In 3 Steps

Step 1. Block the Summer Sun

To “slow down the transfer of heat into a building”, block the sunlight!

During the hottest hours of the day, an extremely effective way to block the sun from coming into your house is with the bubbled mylar sunshields designed to go over car windshields.

These sunshields can be purchased at your local dollar store and easily made to fit over your house windows (watch the video below to see Wendy Tramayne’s approach).

For best results, deploy sunshield or alternative reflective shading prior to sunrise.

An alternative design to the sunshield, can be created with mylar film (purchased by the roll) and a traditional pull down window shade.
To make the reflective shade, first obtain as many roll-down shades as you will need to cover your windows. Next, use spray adhesive to attach mylar to the outside facing side of the extended window shade. Let dry extended, then install.

Step 2. Practice Smart Ventilation

Around dusk, or whenever the temp outside is cooler than inside, open your windows and roll upo the shades.

Step 3

Other Effective Steps to Passively Cooling Your House Include:
Painting your house white, or a reflective color.
Using a reflective roof coating.
Using an attic fan to ventilate hot air out of the top of the house during the day.

For info on Passive Heating / Cooling, check out the following video by, Wendy Tremayne… of Holy Scrap. Also, If you like her ideas consider buying her new book, The Good Life Lab,

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