How Do Kids Learn in a School With No Teachers and No Tests

The Philly Free School is a little different from the norm because at the Philly Free School there are no teachers (though they do have a number of staff members) and no tests or formal curriculum.

Another element that seperates the Free school from conventional schools is that every member of the school, students and staff alike, get an equal vote in decision and rule making.

As a parent of two kids that attend the school, one of the questions I get asked most often is, “how do your kids learn?”

I usually answer this question by pointing out the fact that human beings do nothing but learn from the time we are born. And that it is really a narrow definition of learning that conventional schooling promotes.

One example of learning outside of the classroom comes from how most of us learn to drive. While driving is one of the most dangerous activities we engage in on a daily basis, the simple fact of the matter is most of us learn to drive a car, outside of “school”.

For another example, checkout the following video of my daughter Sophia teaching me to play Mine Craft

What Do You think?

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