Access: Best Ivy League Courses, Online (For Free:)

The first (and only) class I ever took at MIT was through their OpenCourseWare program. At the time, I was starting a small business and needed to understand the Digital Mellenium Copyright Act. I found the class by Google search. Anyway, I had such a great experience taking the class, it encouraged me to look into similar programs from other schools, like Harvard, and Stanford, UC Berkeley…

That was a few years ago. Since then, access to brilliant, open source education has exploded.

These websites blow the expensive doors off of elite education, allowing you and me access to over a thousand classes on everything from, Algebra I,  to Under Water Basket Weaving:) For Free!

1 Definition You Should Know: MOOCs, or (Massive Online Open Courses) is the short hand name for classes offered by Universities online for free

1 Cool Tip: Most of these classes provide all reading material free or at low cost.


Example of a Course Intro:


Open Culture (Free Education Aggregator)

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